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Story time

Hey guys, so today I thought I would do a story time kind of blog. This is one of the most scary experiences in my life nevermind just fostering experiences. Hope you enjoy.

This must have been about 3 years ago now. Every Summer and Easter holiday we all go to our house in Spain. My parents worked so hard to have enough money for that house and I'm so grateful I get the opportunity to go on holiday a lot. Anyway so it was the end of the Easter holiday, we all had a great time and we were coming back home to England.

We don't fly to and from Spain, don't know why but we just have always driven. So we were on our way back and Adam began to feel ill. We got to the Barcelona service station we always stop at , as it has a burger king, and Adam was being sick all over. Therefore we just thought it was sickness.

When we were getting him cleaned up in the bathroom, I don't know how to describe this but he became like he wasn't in the room. I was talking and he didn't respond, he was slowly stumbling to the toilet and his eyes were just staring. So my mum and I decided to carry him to the car. I can still clearly remember this moment as I was so terrified of how he was behaving.

When we got Adam we had been told that he has seziures but he hadn't had one in a while. Until now. When he got back to the car, I believe he started to go into a seziure. I'm not going into much details about this is it was really upsetting so I'd rather not say. It was all new to us so we didn't know. A nice guy in the service station rang an ambulance for us as we were all panicking. We were in Spain somewhere with a foster child we just got having a seziure.

The ambulance came and after we got over some language barriers Adam and my mum went of in the ambulance and me, Johnny and my dad had to try and find the hospital. This was so hard as we were all stressed and we had no idea where it was. After a while we finally found it.

Adam had a prolonged seziure that lasted 2 hours. He eventually came out of it and he was fine. However him and my mum had to stay at the hospital as us three carried on home. Leaving them behind was so upsetting as we were still worried. That is still one of the hardest things I have ever done.

We got home safely but getting Adam safely home was another story. They had to fly out a doctor from England to Spain to accompany adam and my mum on the flight from Spain to England. Complicated I know! Being so vulnerable in an unknown place made us all worried and stressed. However we all were there for each other and got through it. No matter how hard something is, help is always around.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my crazy story. It helps to show, bad things can happen and you can get through them and keep going! Feel free to tell me a story of yours in the comments. Enjoy the rest of your day, remember you'll only have it once so make it the best you can! 


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